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Re: The video thread

Originally Posted by lalaland View Post
From Marseille:If the Frenchies here can kindly translate, will be greatly appreciated.
Someone asks him to sing, and he sang . He better don't quit his day job though.
Q: Are you going to hire a coach anytime soon? If yes, who will it be?
GS: Yes, of couse I'll get a new coach unless I get injured and quit tennis next week. Whom I'm gonna choose, I don't know yet, have a few ideas but unfortunately and that makes me very sad but I can't tell right now.

Q: What's on repeat on your Ipod atm and can you sing it to us?
GS: Lately, the Stones "Sympathy for the devil" and now... *bip it never happened*

Q: What's the last Piano tune you've learnt?
GS: I suck at playing the Piano. The last tune I've worked on is a video game OST which is very dear to me but I'm sure nobody ever heard of. It's called "To Zanarkand" (Final Fantasy X).

Q: Your best pal on tour?
GS: Gael when I get the chance to meet him.

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