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Re: 2013 FITD Manager Thread | Managers, sign up for January tournaments!!!

Originally Posted by Synesthetic View Post
In the Memphis draw, Verdasco was initially drawn to play a qualifier in the first round. After Verdasco withdrew, his place in the draw was taken by [Q]Bogomolov Jr., and [LL]Russell took the initial qualifier's place.

2 people in FITD Memphis picked "Qualifier" for this match. Do you agree that this should count as a pick for Russell, since he took the initial qualifier's place in the draw? Note that both of them appear to have been unaware that Verdasco had withdrawn at the time they submitted their picks (which would mean that their "Qualifier" pick should count for a pick for whoever took the initial qualifier's place in the draw, i.e. Russell).
You were right about placing Russell as the pick for "qualifier" in that situation.
All picks in FITD are made on the Position of the players in the draw (ie 1 to 32 / 64 / 128 ). So... If the player in position 8 in the draw is replaced by another player through withdrawal or promotion (ie. now a Q, LL or a new seed), that new player in position 8 is the pick for everyone who picked position 8 to win in round 1 and subsequent rounds.

This happened to someone 2 or 3 weeks ago with Berdych withdrawing (#1 seed). 2 players within the draw were moved to cover the seeds (5 to 1 seed, and 9 to 5 seed) and a LL was placed in the spot of the player who was moved to become #9 seed.

I go through the spreadsheet and change the colour of the FITD players who did not update their draws between the time of withdrawal and the start of play. This helps to make sure I dont make mistakes by changing the wrong draws if it gets a little tricky. Then its a matter of looking at the rows where changes to the draw were made and making the adjustments only to those FITD players draws I've highlighted.

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