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Re: 2013 FITD Manager Thread | Managers, sign up for January tournaments!!!

Originally Posted by Synesthetic View Post
I've found a temporary solution to this, but I thought I should run this through with you guys:

In the Memphis draw, Verdasco was initially drawn to play a qualifier in the first round. After Verdasco withdrew, his place in the draw was taken by [Q]Bogomolov Jr., and [LL]Russell took the initial qualifier's place.

2 people in FITD Memphis picked "Qualifier" for this match. Do you agree that this should count as a pick for Russell, since he took the initial qualifier's place in the draw? Note that both of them appear to have been unaware that Verdasco had withdrawn at the time they submitted their picks (which would mean that their "Qualifier" pick should count for a pick for whoever took the initial qualifier's place in the draw, i.e. Russell).

The problem is one could also interpret it as a pick for Bogomolov, who actually ended up being the qualifier in this section. However, in this case I think where the players were placed in the draw should take precedence over their qualifier/lucky loser status (the lucky loser is basically another qualifier anyway). Besides, it seems unfair to penalise them for effectively picking Verdasco to lose early, which in a sense ended up being an accurate prediction.

I'd appreciate your input so I can finalise the standings for this tournament at the end of the week
The Bogomolov - Russell thing is good!
But I've already done al the standings and updates, so there no need for you to do it anymore!

If you want to manage other tournaments you can just put it in this thread!

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