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Re: Rafachat - Vol. 80: It's comeback time baby!!! :rocker2:

FFS...I had a long post written out and when I wanted to submit it, it disappeared.

I think that Federer is the best ever tennis player but not the biggest star (not even close, not even as a second).
Björn Borg is the sport's biggest star and I'm not a Borg fan but I saw the impact he had.

When Borg came onto the tennis scene in the 70s, tennis was still an elitist sport, viewed as a sport for the upper class mostly. When Borg climbed the ranking and started to gain attention, many were shocked. People were dismayed by Borg with his body-hugging outfits and his long hair. Borg, however, drew in a big crowd and a lot of people who wouldn't dream of watching such a snobbish sport started watching tennis. Gradually, the snobs came to accept him, I think (also helped by the fact that he wasn't a bad boy. I remember how snobs reacted to a young McEnroe for example).
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