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Re: Biggest tennis star in last 40 Years

i dont give a flying fuck if a player is a hip, druggie, celebrity banging clown like Borg, Agassi were

that does not make them a bigger "star" in my eyes ffs

a true star is a player who took the game to new levels, amazing the crowds everywhere he went, making them gasp at playing the game and shots they have never seen played before, showing true professionalism at all times on and off the court (ask the higher brow of class tennis fans what they really think of Nadal fist pumping and vamosing in ppl's faces or Nole's chin in the air chest thumping) and breaking every single most important Grand Slam record in the game - Grand slam tennis, the only events that count

the true king of the tournament that means the most in tennis, the holy grail of tennis - Wimbledon.

"Federer's game looks entirely different than everyone else's." -- The New York Times

the first time i ever saw federer play was the 2001 wimbledon match against sampras. i couldn't take my eyes off him, he was just so elegant and graceful. 8 years and 15 slams later, federer is the most beautiful champion i have ever seen. - 2009 youtube comment thumbed up by over 500 ppl

that man is Roger Federer

he will remembered like no player ever before. today.. 50 years... 100 years from now they will be raving about him.

Originally Posted by GSMnadal View Post
It doesn't help Federer's cause that he lost just about every epic match they'll be showing in 20 years.
Beating Nadul in 5 in 2007 Wimbledon final, Roddick 2009, Sampras 2001, Delpo Olympic semi final

try again son
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