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Re: ♕* Rotterdam 2013 *♕ Roger lost to Bennetteau at the QF

Posted this in the chat thread but I gathered it wouldn't mind if I posted it here as well, as it's quite an uplifting and positive experience:

Okay, just to add a little positive news considering circumstances already talked about enough...

Roger's match against Benneteau might well have been the *worst* I saw of him over ten years' time.
Seriously, he was just total GARBAGE.
Credits to whom deserves them, Benneteau was the better player on all aspects of the game, and I'm happy to be able to see him in the final tomorrow, a genuine reward for his excellent showing this tournament.

But just for a little indication on how much of a genuine gentleman/sweetheart that Roger indeed is, I will hereby report on behalf of who were there (as I myself wasn't), that Rodge came out after midnight to sign autographs, take pictures, etc. for the waiting crowd of fans, even despite his heartbreaking loss.

How.... bloody.... ARROGANT of him!!!!

The guy is such a gentleman.
Seriously, if I would have been him, I´d have sneaked out of the emergency exit, just to avoid the confrontation of all those disappointed fans.
Not Roger, though!

Fantastic. What a guy!

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