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Re: ♕* Rotterdam 2013 ♕ Let's have glory again *♕ - R2 RF d.De Bakker QF - Bennetteau

So what a terrible night for me. It would to be a happy and entertaining go out to a dinner with the guys of our tennis club but I haven't fun at all and I couldn't expect it to finish and to go home.

I went out when Roger lost his serve in the 2ond so ho bad could I feel
After I watched some streaming, risking to use out all my internet bites but who cares. So the streaming didn't want to see Roger lose and stopped out on the MP.

So I'm sad not because of his lost as a simple lost.
I don't understand what's happening to him after Cincy (Unfortunately my opening 3d didn't bring him more luck ).
His serve hasn't have worked as the legs and the power of his shots and his aggressive play.
I notice he's searching more the rallies than a close shot.
He told to want to have more resistance and to train it in the off-season but I don't see him as Nadal or the Djoker to base his game on long rallies and a diffusive game as he's doing now. I Australia he was slipping on the hard from one side of the court to the other one as Novak does and I didn't appreciate it at all for his style of play and body.

I actually don't understand if his problems are technical (few speed on the arm - and it's a fact in the serve and the rallies), athletic on the movements - he arrives too many times late or he has some pain which doesn't allow to him to be fast in the technical gestures, or maybe he has only a mental block and I hope for it because it could be unlocked but which can be more dangerous than a lack of a physical shape. I only hope he hasn't switch off something inside himself after winning Wimbledon.

I really don't know and I don't have as clinic eye to read any his deeper to see but important to considerate "mistake", especially if I can't see live what exactly he's doing but there surely things that can be seen on the TV but my eyes doesn't catch.

Originally Posted by NYCtennisfan View Post
he was on his back foot
I guess you mean on the FH that he was defending too much and so in more opened stance, because when he's attacking usually he has the neutral stance, except on the return winners. On the BH the one hander is obligated to use his right leg to hit more than the 2 hander who can play it even in semi-open putting the weight on his left leg (of course this is for the right hander)

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