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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

Originally Posted by arm View Post
I never saw Nole lose. And I have watched him play many times.

Ok I have seen half a loss. I watched him play Rafa in Madrid in 2009... that painful match. But I had to leave when the 3rd set was 2-2, or something like that, because I had to run to the airport in order not to lose my flight... so I didn't really watch him lose. It was a marathon, I ran (subway) from the tennis center to the hostel to get my bag, then got on the subway again to the airport. This takes like an hour. During this I had my sister texting me the score everytime someone won a game. And then when TB started, I ordered her text me every point. When she told me he had lost, I started crying in the middle of the airport.
I'm trying to think if I have seen Nole lose in person more than once...

I saw him lose at the USO one year to Hewitt on Grandstand. That was pretty miserable. In fact it was the only time Lleyton has beaten Nole And there were so many Aussies there doing their little cheers and I was literally the only Nole fan there because it was 2006 and no one knew who he was yet in the US

That may actually be the only time Usually he wins when I am there now

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