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Re: ♕* Rotterdam 2013 ♕ Let's have glory again *♕ - R2 RF d.De Bakker QF - Bennetteau

Originally Posted by Fed_Ds View Post
yeah 33% 2nd serve
and where has his FH been?
As NYCtennisfan pointed out he didn't really have it at AO either.
The serve and FH were absent again. Even in the earlier matches, which he won easily, he was on his back foot in so many rallies because he was giving up ground with his loopy FHs that lacked depth, sting, and pace. He really didn't show much explosive movement into his shots today or at the AO either. In addition, he didn't seem too interested in battling for this one. At long last, he might be letting things go a bit. No top player has put as much energy into every tournament, even the "little" ones as Federer has with Mary a tank in sight (not calling this a tank). He was bound to let go of things a bit sooner or later.
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