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Re: Favourite film directors?

Originally Posted by ssin View Post
1. His Royal Majesty Ingmar Bergman
2. His Highness Stanley Kubrick
3. Others, in no particular order: Packinpah, Polanski, Tarkovski, Fosse, Cassavetes, Lynch, Coen brothers, Scorsese, Visconti, Stone, Ridley Scott, hmmm I must have omitted someone important to me, but these guys first came to mind.
haha, it's spooky, we must have been separated at birth.

i used the "if I was on an island, which directors would I have thingy,"

in order:

1) Bergman

Currently have 23 of his movies in my library. How many directors can make that many good movies with no duds? In the beginning…there was Ingmar Bergman.

Deserves double space before the rest…

2) Kubrick

“Gentlemen, please! There is no fighting in the war room!” All fans know what I’m talking about. No need to mention 2001. Can’t improve on perfection.

3) Lynch

From Twin Peaks to Mulholland Drive, he’s shown us what lies behind the freshly painted, white picket fences. A suburban man’s “Apocalypse Now.”

4) Coen Brothers

A welcome comedic relief. These bros tend to focus on people’s quirks. Plots are secondary; whether it’s the excessive friendliness of people in Fargo, or the southern sensibilities of people living in the southern USA, in “Oh brother where art thou?”

5) Scorcese

The master of the modern anti-hero, whether it’s vigilante Travis Bickle or Patriot Bill “the butcher.” We are both angels and demons.

6) Quentin Tarantino

No one does character development and dialogue like QT, no one (well, maybe Bergman). If you like witty dialogue, check his work out.

Other notable mentions: Coppola, Krzysztof Kieślowski !, Hilcoat, Billy Wilder, Leone, Peter Jackson (master of epic storytelling), Spielberg, De Palma, Herzog

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