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Re: Poll: What was the best Wimbledon final of the naughtys?

Originally Posted by Whiznot View Post
The 2001 Rafter-Ivanisevic Wimbledon final was the most exciting tennis match I've ever seen and I've been tuned to tennis since the 1960's. I pity any tennis fan who missed that match. The final was played on a Monday due to rain. The usual staid Wimbledon audience was replaced by ordinary rabid tennis fans who went crazy after every point and created an atmosphere like no other. The quality of play was extraordinary and the tension was incredible.

The 2008 Wimbledon match was also great but the rain delays were a bummer. Federer was a bundle of nerves for the first two sets and played like crap. The end of the final set was played in almost total darkness which was unfair to both players.

The 2008 final was more recent. Many MTF members were children in 2001 and probably didn't see the greatest match.

Thank you Goran and Patrick for the best match ever.

That Wimbledon was the best tournament ever

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