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Re: Rotterdam R1: Nieminen def. Goffin 6-0 6-0

Originally Posted by Yolita View Post
Secondly, Goffin didn't do himself any favours by trash-talking Novak during the Davis Cup tie. Don't get me wrong: I'm not against trash-talking, I welcome it, especially during Davis Cup ties, it's expected and adds spice to the proceedings. But the player who does it has to back up his words. You don't trash-talk the #1 player in the world, who is a mental giant, and then proceed to meekly choke a match against Troicki. The previous bravado made the choke much worse
he didn't trashtalk Novak, he just answered to a question "if he thinks the courts are dangerous, he can choose not to play" : your touchiness is really something

And you can't admit what your hatred makes you thinking, which is far from objectivity.

Besides, the media didn't call Goffin as the next big thing, and surely not because he loved Federer : only MTFers did that as usual MTF is not a media and is not representative of the tennis world as some may think . Of course Belgians were happy that a player of their own, and a young one, reached R16 of Roland-Garros and fought nearly equally with Federer Besides, Goffin was the fourth player born in 1990 or after to enter top-50 (after Raonic, Tomic and Harrison), and you know that people are much looking forward for some of those youngsters to emerge, that's the only thing which happened to him but he was never "the next big thing".

useless old guy

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