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Re: •°o* Ye Olde Castle Volume 61- Enjoy the Australian Open with us

Originally Posted by Litotes View Post
I'm a controller. Checking the company numbers, making reports, checking all incoming invoices agaist purchase agreements to see we're not getting overinvoiced. That sort of thing. It's a fairly large company, the head office where I work has almost 100 employees. The shops we own has over 2000.

I know space is for thumbs. And you know, I occasionally use my left thumb on space. I didn't realize Was checking myself now. So, it's more correct to say i use 8. The right thumb and little finger are definitely inactive. As for only looking at the monitor, I'm not quite there...but I can write fairly correctly only looking at the keys.
That must be an interesting job.

Well if I don't write that quick just comfortable, I barely type error and I really don't look at the keys. When I type quick, more often I change caracters and I type sooner something I should after another one.
About the right little finger, we Hungarians have the most of caracter for the finger. In Hungarian text at times I look at the keys due to those caracters. (ü, ó, é, á, ű, enter, shift, backspace, -)

Originally Posted by Punky View Post
No Di come on use ur powers and help me, come on its super important I swear on my banks life lol
but I fear I can't do anything

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