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Re: Rotterdam R1: Nieminen def. Goffin 6-0 6-0

Originally Posted by The Bulldog View Post
The hatred for David Goffin is absolutely ridiculous. As a big supporter of him, I feel I have to at least attempt to defend him in this case.

Firstly, what does Federer have to do with this? Yes, he likes Federer and perhaps likes him a lot, but why is that sufficient means to bash him? It's just plain stupid and highlights just how limited some of the posters on this website are when it comes to ways they can disrupt proceedings. He most certainly does not play anything like Federer. People might try and tell you he does, but he doesn't. David plays more of a counter-punching game, yes some of the flashy winners are there, but he's inherently less aggressive than Federer and lacks the variety that the Swiss has.

Secondly, yes this was a dreadful performance by Goffin, but we are exaggerating how much if a disaster this is. Maybe he'll take a few days to get over it, but then he'll be bursting to go when it comes to Marseille or Dubai and I expect him to produce a good level again. One bad match doesn't break a season.
It's not hatred of Goffin. It's an obvious reaction.

It is only natural that when a player is hyped out of all proportion by pundits and media, when said player loses badly people will enjoy it. That's what happened to Goffin here: the minute he said he had pictures of Roger on his walls the TV commentators and journos adopted him and hailed him as the next big thing in tennis. For no reason at all. They did more harm than good.

Secondly, Goffin didn't do himself any favours by trash-talking Novak during the Davis Cup tie. Don't get me wrong: I'm not against trash-talking, I welcome it, especially during Davis Cup ties, it's expected and adds spice to the proceedings. But the player who does it has to back up his words. You don't trash-talk the #1 player in the world, who is a mental giant, and then proceed to meekly choke a match against Troicki. The previous bravado made the choke much worse

I think Goffin bought the over-hype and is now paying the prize with a total collapse in confidence. He should have known his place within the tennis community. He shouldn't have bought his own hype. He shouldn't have tried to play hard-ball with the big boys. Or as the Spaniards delicately put it: he shouldn't have tried to fart higher than his ass.

He's young, he'll get over it, he'll learn some humility and he'll become more objective in his appraisal of his tennis...I'm not so sure about the pundits and the commies, though.

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