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Re: Choosing A Racket (Help Needed!)

Originally Posted by Domino
Find your style, and then find the racquet that will help emulate your style. For instance, If you like to serve and volley, the Wilson Prostaffs give you a lot of punch on the volleys with their weight. Likewise, a strong baseliner would want a lighter racquet, but the varying amount of spin used requires a different type. Flat hitters will like the Dunlop, while the power hitters will like head or babolat. Skilled spin practicioners will like the prince racquets. Of course, each brand makes racquets for every style, but I find the brands mentioned tend to make racquets better suited for the mentioned style of play. Then again, you can adapt any racquet to any style of play, it's all up to the player, really, not the racquet.

I use a wilson prostaff 6.1, f.y.i
Thanks, Domino!

I hit the ball rather hard, but would like to add more variety to my game (eg. volleys, slices, spins), so which brand is the best for that?

And I noticed that hard-hitters like Davenport and the Williams sisters use Wilson while players with more variety like Mauresmo and Molik use Dunlop. Any connection there?
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