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Re: •°o* Ye Olde Castle Volume 61- Enjoy the Australian Open with us

Originally Posted by ProdigyEng View Post
(I edited out your part about Zeballos as I think it's great reply that I can't really respond to, I will rep u for it though)
No good... search online gives no results. ALl shitty commission based jobs whether it's trying to knock on doors selling shit beauty products or standing in middle of market street in Manchester selling Red Cross stuff. No security in those jobs. A lot require a car, and I don't have a license yet and can't afford any more lessons let alone a car.
GOD DAMNIT! I feel exactly the same about online search!
They gave you that "Wonder-mega-job-amazing-we-all-want" and they never reply even to ONE e-mail!
I mean... I have applied to a lot of them, and I mean a lot! Round 30!
Not even one response... And I sent a personal message to each one of them.

Originally Posted by ProdigyEng View Post
Sorry. It will just be one moment, thanks for not considering me a tard, but I still get annoyed with a some fedtards constant celebrating over Murray, Nadal or DJok losses. One post is all i will make.
Those aren't fans, dude... Relax about them.
Do you think guys like them (without saying any names) post in the Fedforum? Tards are pathetic and deserves no respect. They're not fans, just haters.
There are a lot of them who only live to insult one player, who comment in every match they play, win or lose, who has NOTHING positive to say but hate.

Oh well... This is MTF. But I think answering hate with hate isn't exactly the best way to combat it.
IMO, personally, I don't read them, I just post wherever I want without reading them, there is the ignore button for something.

Ah, appeal moderation? Wanna know what appeal moderation did to me?
Take a good long stare, you know you want to.
You're not even man enough to look at my face.

Appeal moderation isn't pretty, you have to watch your friends go to dust.
Appeal moderation is always hungry for your soul and sweet emotions.

First and once godly-worhispped appeal moderator.
(Actually 2nd)
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