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Re: •°o* Ye Olde Castle Volume 61- Enjoy the Australian Open with us

Originally Posted by ProdigyEng View Post
I hope your happy because he's a fellow Argentinian and not because he beat Rafa ....
Any luck on the job front Johnny?
I don't care about his nationality, I really like his tennis when he's on. In 2009 he was really amazing, god, that backhand.
This year he started winning a challenger in the first week, and now this, winning a clay final over Nadal. I know it's not the best Rafa ever, but who cares, is Nadal on clay! I can't imagine how Cebolla is right now. So happy for him.
Great player, I watched some of his matches this year and I was like "Damn... I think he could be back", after yesterday, where he won playing really good over Berlocq (Couldn't watch all, but I watched first set and it was really one-sided), I was completely sure he would improve his ranking, but I never imagined he would beat Nadal

And sorry, Joe, i'm really happy he has beaten Rafa, I mean... Not every day you beat a Legend, is bigger for him to beat Rafa than Chardy (for example), it's amazing what he did and i'm really happy.

Of course, Nadal will still find his good form, but now i'm not that sure if that would happen before RG as I thought before. Maybe this year we will have a new RG champion, probably Djokovic... I hope Roger can find his "amazing-clay-form"

I'm not a fan of Rafa, but I respect him so much. To beat him, you need to play great tennis, like Zeballos today or even Rosol in Wimbledon.

So much people whine about that, but Rosol played a GREAT match, every ball hit the lines, it was over amazing. I'm pretty sure that Rosol would had troubled Federer, Djokovic or whoever, he was in superbeast mode. I don't buy the injury thing in that case.

I'm really glad for Cebolla. A little spiced he beat Berlocq
But still... Amazing. Let's hope hecan continue this way.

I don't like Rafa's style of play, I won't cheer for him if he plays my favorites, and this time I was 100% with Zeballos, and some GM-people deserved this, they were insulting Horacio and minimizing him as if he was a futures-level player.
Of course, the Tard army went over them, but that's okay, Joe, because they are tards too. It's okay you don't like some Fedtard opinions, but when they're over some Rafatards, you shouldn't get involved, real fans won't insult real fans, and if a tard insult a fan, that fan shouldn't give a fuck. We can say the same abut all the poeple insulting Federer every time he loses, but it's easy to ignore them. Let tards and trolls fight to each other.

The job hunting is sadly at the same point
But a little more motivated. Things are getting pretty well here, good energy, good vibe

How about you?

I actually think Bernard Tomic will easily win career-year mixed doubles slam in 2020.

Jealous? Yeah, you are, you dirty hater.
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