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Re: 2013 Entry Ranking

Originally Posted by purtov45 View Post
Hi jervisjames,

The first post carries the information on the beginning of a season, I do not change it. In the next table (post 19) I have added superfluous columns. In total them 6. You have results of all of 36 tournaments, and can check up correctness of calculation of superfluous columns.
Thanks Purtov. I was not meaning about my individual score, but for new players it is unsure to know which tournaments are counted out of the 36 tournaments.
I was meaning please make a statement at the bottom of the first post (that is usually the first place someone will look for the information. Maybe say something like: "Everyone has all 4 Grand Slams + 9 ATP Masters (1000) + best 6 other ATP (500 or 250) tournaments added to give their ranking score. The Grand Slams and Masters tournaments are mandatory tournaments and will count as 0 if not played. Those who make it into TMS at the end of the year also have this added to their ranking score."
It is not obvious which tournaments are mandatory to players. I am never sure if 8 or 9 Masters are counted also.
I asked this just so it is easy as a player to know what is counted and what is not. It is slightly different for each of the games, TT, FITD, Suicide Tennis and PAW, so to have it in the first post gives a reminder for players how the scoring is calculated. It only needs to be in the first post, not every update.

Many thanks. I think the table you have is very comprehensive and I understand it very well.
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