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Re: Good gym program for tennis?

Originally Posted by azza View Post
So today i joined the gym because im going to start playing local club comps and need to get stronger and fitter although my fitness is always good it can always be better, and i told the personal trainer and obviously he isnt trained in tennis fitness so he gave me his run down of what he thinks will help.

So he advised me for the first month. Do body pump and spin classes and also not sure if you guys have heard of this gym equipment its called the assisted pull up machine, so basically its a machine that you do chin ups and pull ups which helps i think the Upper back, shoulders,biceps,triceps.

I also asked if there was anything he recommended for the legs he said nothing at the moment but i said id feel more comfortable if i did so i suggested the leg press and he said thats fine.

So basically my program would be for the first month assisted pull ups and chin ups,bodypump,spin and leg press.

he said after the first month we will then work on Individual muscle groups.

Does anyone thinl this is fine and good start?
Doesn't sound too bad to me Althought I have only been playing just under 2 years . Nothing for the legs yet ? That ,s crazy you need to gradually build up your strength

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