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I saw him play, both in person and on TV.

One of the interesting things about him is that he already has a complete game, not just one serve and one big forehand as many of the youngsters who then have to try master other tools.
He can come to the net, lob, dropshot...
He has natural timing hence the quickness of his backhand and forehand, doesn't look like he is rushing or overhitting.

His game doesn't seem to be a typical clay court game so he should be able to do well on hard courts and indoors. I'm not so sure for grass as his forehand and backhand preparation are somewhat big although he probably has the talent to learn and adjust.

His tactics are also as good as possible for somewhat that young.
Also physically he looks like he is going to be a great athlete.

So his future seems as bright as his past already is but then with teenage boys you never know, some have disappeared along the way, burning out, getting big-headed, or simply reaching their peak early and then being run over by other players maturing more slowly.

I hope he doesn't rush his career too much although his progress is great to follow. Congrats for the ranking!

Good luck Richard!
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