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Re: Rising Francesco vol. 18 - open for posters who took a break

I forgot to mention it yesterday but my mother also has had a few not so pleasant encounters with doctors. The most recent one just happened a few months ago. She fell on her way to work and hurt her ankle. They didn't do anything for a long time until she started having constant problems (the swelling got worse instead of better and was still there even after almost 2 months, actually she still has it). Then she went to the doctor who treated her shortly after the accident and he told her that she needed a surgery as the hematoma had bled into the bone tissue or something due to a small rupture they hadn't noticed earlier. She was scared because the surgery would cause her to lose her job (she needs to walk a lot up and down the stairs and with crutches it is impossible). So she went to another doctor which said that a surgery would be the most rubbish thing to do. He prescribed her a special bandage now which has decreased the swelling a lot although it is still there. Fortunately she doesn't need to take painkillers anymore and is doing way better. The surgery would have probabbly made it all even worse and she would be still battling with crutches and pain. Not to think about how she would feel if she had lost her job over that.

Either way, just wanted to let off some steam. My dearest started into a new season yesterday and sucks even more than before because of technical problems. How hard it is to be supportive in moments like these. I will keep on smiling though.

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