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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

Originally Posted by arm View Post
To be fair, I went out for dinner with my ex-bf. We are good friends, nothing more. But the funny thing, is that as boyfriends, in the beginning of our relationship, we had dinner there once, and we only went back there today.

Italian restaurant, a lot of pastas that I love, I never know which one to pick. After thinking for 5 minutes, I ended up ordering the exact same pasta I order on that date we had there. I didn't remember that, but he pointed that out to me, and then when the pasta came I recognized he was right!

This is so wow. I mean , people really do follow a pattern and most "random" stuff we do, is not so random.
Not surprising picking the same pasta dish. Actually, that's normal because after all consideration, people tend to pick what they are familiar with.


It's well worth it. 200 is a lot of cash.
If I booked the direct flights in December, the price would be around $386 but at that time, I did not know whether hubby and Jr. would go.

Now I worried whether I have enough time in Chicago. I need to change planes and O'Hara airport is HUGE plus I have never been there and I only have 45 minutes provided the flight will not delay Otherwise, I may have to spend a night in the airport
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