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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

Originally Posted by arm View Post
You both trying to tease me, I see. star you LIVED in germany
But not in Berlin.

I had to go by bus through then East Germany under the watch towers and see the plowed ground to prevent people from running freely to the fence to try to escape. There was absolutely no traffic on the autobahn except the buses and on the bridges over the autobahn small groups of people stood and watched the busses go by. Sad really.

Also the East German guards had fun teasing a poor girl on the bus. We had to turn in our passports to them and when they came to the front of the bus to return them in an intimidating voice they called out the name of a young woman and demanded she come to the front of the bus. It was so tense. When she got there they handed her her pass and said "Happy Birthday." It was a bit cruel and there was some nervous laughter from the passengers, but not much.

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
Those cupcakes are excellent but I just can't eat them like that. How can you eat such cute puppies?
You have to carefully scrape off the frosting and set it aside.

Anyway, I'm not very fond of frosting.
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