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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

Originally Posted by redshift36188 View Post
Let's assume God exists and created what we call Universe. When science finally finds this being and explains how he did it, is it still God, or is he just a very knowledgeable and technologically advanced being/civilization?
Yup, that's the interesting part. I don't think those are mutually exclusive. Religions by all means claim God is very knowledgeable (and therefore obviously more advanced as well); Spanish conquistadors were considered "gods" when they visited Americas for the first time etc. Anyway, if someone can create a universe, he would definitely have enough credentials to be God or CEO or whatever in that universe

Originally Posted by Lopez View Post
Evolution vs. ID is not an interesting debate however. That battle has been won by evolution decades ago.
I think the sides are wrongly set there. I think it shouldn't be evolution vs. ID, more like whether evolution = ID

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