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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

Originally Posted by Mr. Oracle View Post
Then there's the possibility that our philosophical attempts to explain the infinite and eternal are inadequate. It fascinates me that some of the most brilliant scientific minds we have ever known fall into both camps (intelligent design vs chance). As a grossly ill-equipped layman, the fact that this debate is still ongoing in that community says a lot. Nothing worse than undergrads equipped with science degrees who are certain that atoms/quarks are the sum total of our constitution. As an educator, I believe that there is room for discussing both possibilities and that no questions should be excluded.
Are you implying that evolution is a process of chance?

I agree that the beginning of the universe is an interesting question and some good (however not convincing for me) philosophical points can be raised in favor of theism there.

Evolution vs. ID is not an interesting debate however. That battle has been won by evolution decades ago.

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lol, who will beat him? Wawrinka? Berdych? Gulbis? Rosol? Federer?

Only Del Potro can take him out before the semis, and he won't. Nadal is winning the AO, bet your house on it.
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