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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

Originally Posted by redshift36188 View Post
Ofc it can't, it doesn't exist.

Depends on your definitions. Let's say tomorrow we discover the tooth fairy, we study it and we are able to scientifically explain how this being works. Is it still a tooth fairy, or something else?

My point is, God, like the tooth fairy, is the personification of magic, but there is no magic, everything has logic.

Let's assume God exists and created what we call Universe. When science finally finds this being and explains how he did it, is it still God, or is he just a very knowledgeable and technologically advanced being/civilization?

If the definition of God is the personification of something that can't be explained, then what created our Universe is no longer God (reductio ad absurdum).

Therefore anything that exists doesn't fall under the definition of God and therefore God doesn't exist.

All the fuss about the God's existence throughtout millennia is quite ironic, because the word/concept "God" is the ultimate definition of non-existence.
Then there's the possibility that our philosophical attempts to explain the infinite and eternal are inadequate. It fascinates me that some of the most brilliant scientific minds we have ever known fall into both camps (intelligent design vs chance). As a grossly ill-equipped layman, the fact that this debate is still ongoing in that community says a lot. Nothing worse than undergrads equipped with science degrees who are certain that atoms/quarks are the sum total of our constitution. As an educator, I believe that there is room for discussing both possibilities and that no questions should be excluded.

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