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Re: Fed stats - with most weeks in top-2, 3, 5 and 10

Originally Posted by JediFed View Post
Remove it and cite the link to Connors at 4 at the USO. Also, what about Lendl? Did he drop out at any point in the consecutive top 3 as well?
Connors' streak is downgraded, leaving only Lendl ahead on the consecutive top-3. I do not know when exactly he dropped so I set the date at the start of the 1981 US Open. He was certainly still top-3 at the FO.

If Lendl too dropped out at some point it would have to have been in 1983, but I can see no evidence for this. He was certainly seeded in the top-3 in all slams he entered at the time, disregarding Wimbledon as they always had their own seeding ideas.
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