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Re: Fed stats - with most weeks in top-2, 3, 5 and 10

Originally Posted by JediFed View Post
Three weeks from now, Federer will tie Lendl at 524 consecutive weeks in the top 5. He will surpass Lendl at 525 total weeks in the top 5.
You are here referring to the 524 weeks Wikipedia gives, which start 11/1-82 since this is the first accessible ATP ranking to place Lendl in the top-5. Trouble is, the previous ranking given on ATP is from 22/12-80. It seems obvious to me he didn't linger in 6th position thoughout the entire 1981 only then to advance to 2nd at the beginning of 1982. This is also a good indicator that he was not ranked 6th in 1981, his 3rd seed in 1981 US Open, ahead of Connors:

If fact, Connors 4th seed at the Open is very much tempting me to remove him from the top of the "consecutive weeks in the top-3" list where he is supposed to have been from 1974 to 1984. He should then also be downgraded on the total weeks in top-3 list. By how much? Now, that is the problem. Any suggestions will be welcome.
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