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Re: Rafachat - Vol. 80: It's comeback time baby!!! :rocker2:

How long does it take you to dye your hair?

I let professionals dye my hair. As clumsy as I am, I'm afraid that I would mess up my hair totally if I do that myself.

My fedtard-turned Djokotard work mate is no longer a Djokotard.

He came into my office and here is a summary of his rant:
"I used to like Djokovic a lot but his behaviour while in Belgium turned me off big time. What a tosser. He was arrogant and rather unfriendly to fans. Sure, when the cameras were present, he gave autographs and such but once it's just the fans and him with no photographer or camera person in sight, he turned his back on them. He gave only a couple of autographs and left a bunch of fans standing in the cold. He needs to be careful that the success isn't going to his head because that will cost him supporters. Granted, success will always attract fans but still.
Djokovic is just arrogant.
Nadal, I'm not a fan but he does seem much more humble and friendly.
Federer is somewhere in between. He can be arrogant and yet, for all that he has achieved, he's still down to earth"
He's so fickle.
He's back to being a full-time Fedtard.

Found on twitter (via Pico Monaco) but copied from the Bromance thread (where it's posted by Ash**)

I remember watching the training sessions in Monte Carlo years ago when Rafa was busy tormenting the ball and his opponent smashed the ball onto the next court. From behind the fence (out of sight), the ball came flying back into the practice court and a face appeared on top of the fence. Monaco with a huge grin on his face. Too bad I couldn't understand whatever the two of them were saying but judging by the grin on Monaco's face and the way Nadal reacted, Monaco was teasing the hell out of Nadal.

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