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Re: 2013 Davis Cup Cheering Thread! R1 d Belguim! QF vs USA!

Originally Posted by arm View Post
But I am not criticizing the Serbian team in specific, everyone does it. I am not even criticizing teams, if the rules allow it, then I can perfectly understand why Nole or whoever would leave sooner.

But having dead rubbers like these, it does not help the tournament at all, IMO. And it is one of the reasons why I never really liked it in the first place.

And if Nole played, it wouldn't be a quality match, but why would you say it wouldn't be entertaining?
I think these rules also make the ties quite interesting. Every country submits a team of 4 players, and nobody else can play except them. The first day one always gets the #1 vs #2 players. The doubles can be anything. But then on Sunday, changes can be made. The first rubber has to be between the two #1's, but a country may decide to play a lower ranked player, as long as no matches are repeated. So Serbia had the right to choose any player to play Goffin, except Troicki. And the team captain can keep his choice secret until 1 hour before the match starts.

I don't know whether you remember the 2010 final: Troicki played a very long doubles match. Novak won his Sunday match and the tie was 2-2. Forget didn't think Serbia would dare to pick Troicki to play the decisive rubber: they bet on Tipsarevic, who was rested. That's why they chose Llodra to play. When Serbia chose Troicki, Forget was surprised. His strategy didn't consider Troicki and we know the result. I was very worried when I saw Troicki enter the court, but it worked just fine.

So winning a tie has to do with the tennis and sometimes with strategy, too. Thanks to those rules. So Serbia didn't break any rules against Belgium, and I'm sure they don't have to pay any fines: typical gossip to try and make Novak look bad.

Now, what to do with dead rubbers? There's no solution to that. But people buying tickets to Davis Cup ties know they are buying tickets for a team event, not for a particular player. And they know that dead rubbers can be played by any of the team members: or at least they should know. Look at the following head-line form an Idaho newspaper.

Boise will host Davis Cup tennis match between U.S., Djokovic

Read more here:

So the tie will be between the US and Novak Djokovic... I like Novak's chances.

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