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Re: Funny Fotos #6

Originally Posted by Mr. Oracle View Post
First off, that pic of "heatstrokovic" is a classic. I'm sure he laughs at it now too since he has a great sense of humour but I bet the author Matt is pretty stunned at how champovic has transformed himself. Matt should write a follow up article if he has any journalistic integrity. If he does not, then he's just a heel sniping tard. It makes me laugh when tards have to go back early in a player's career before he's developed/peaked in order to find faults. Talk about grasping at straws.

Gotta luv the hypocrisy of Fed as well. He used to criticize Nole for quitting but when he took him the distance at the USO (after being down 2 sets no less!), he criticized him for making a WINNER! Fedtards are not much better. I'm glad you're here though because every court needs clowns!

Nole-fans, don't let these guys get you down, they are Roger Bitterer fans afterall.

Don't worry, we're not letting them...In fact, it's quite funny that Roger's nasty comments about Nole "giving-up" have come back to hunt him. I bet he wishes Nole would give up against him nowadays. No such luck, Roger, he's not baby Nole anymore.

Words lke the ones by by Roger and Roddick, and articles like that one by Matt made Novak even more determined to become the King of Clutch...

Now they wished they hadn't spoken... too late...

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