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Re: Q&A With Mark Lenders.

Originally Posted by nazzac View Post
Pepe is a great defender, but those tendencies stop me from putting him in my top 5. Happens a lot when facing Barcelona and Messi . Vidal is awesome, and i would love him at Dortmund.

On another note.

1-Top 5 best fans in world football> (from what you've seen)

2-Top 5 best stadiums?

1-Hard to answer this question as I haven't been in most of the relevant venues unfortunately, but from what I've seen I'd go with Dortmund, United, Atlético, Liverpool and Athletic.

2-Camp Nou, Wembley, Allianz Arena, San Siro, Stade de France

Originally Posted by ProdigyEng View Post
Would you still support Barcelona if it is indeed revealed that they were involved in the match fixing scandal? Many people say that it's pretty obvious that Chelsea vs Barca in 2nd Leg CL Semi Final 2009 is the match that was fixed in England. Thoughts?
Yes, I would

If that match was fixed though, why did they have to cut it so damn close (last minute goal) ? Got to learn to fix things a bit better

Seriously, don't even want to consider such possibility, I'm already much less of a football fan than I used to, match fixing scandals is the last thing that would revamp my interest again.

Supporting Jamvo1 for the ACC. Because he's not just playing for himself but sacrificing himself for the greater good, because he represents a noble cause (PM for details).

Because Jamvo1 is not the hero we deserve, but he's the hero we need. And because his victory will leave all the butthurt haters in ruins.
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