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Re: Murray's constant swearing on court

Originally Posted by leng jai View Post
Murray isn't the only person that does this by the way. The point you're missing is he isn't directing the the swearing at his opponent - it's towards himself or his box. If I was playing him and he did that I'd be happy and highly amused to be honest. Just because he's acting like a petulant gimp doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate his opponent's good play. I find the act of clapping an opponent's good play pretty frivolous. I rarely ever see that reaction on a critical point. Djokovic likes to do it when he is destroying his opponent and they randomly come up with a wild winner. I've seen Djokovic and other players have negative reactions to winners because they feel their shot was too short/weak and allowed their opponent to dictate. Same shit.
He doesn't HAVE to appreciate anything; I don't care whether he does or not. But his BEHAVIOR is appalling, regardless of who it's directed at. Smacking his head with the racket, swearing like he lost his mind....because someone cracked a winner by him because he was out-smarted? Who does he think he is? Are winners not allowed against him because his pushing is supposed to THAT perfect or something? He even screams "come on" after his opponent makes a random UE after a 4-shot rally. Because in his mind, that's what supposed to happen when you play this pushing POS. Hit a winner and he gets pissed.

EVERYONE reacts negatively to being outsmarted sometimes. But what Murray does doesn't even BEGIN to compare to how everyone else behaves. It's fucking disgraceful.

So to recap: he cheers unforced errors, and swears during winners. What's not to like about this guy?

I'm just waiting for him to smash his racket after he is aced to cement his loathsomeness. Hopefully he'll be defaulted one day.
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