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Re: Murray's constant swearing on court

Originally Posted by MIMIC View Post
At the very least, Murray can keep this kind of frustration to HIMSELF, especially if somebody is too good for him. How you can bitch about something that is out of your control is beyond me.

And on the flip side, isn't the person who was clutch on a critical point usually relieved to have came up with the goods? I'm sure Murray wouldn't like it if his opponent taunted him after he was aced. "Yeah, you wanted that break point, didn't you? Well it's gone now and there is nothing you can do about it."

Just because it goes through your brain doesn't mean it has to come out of your mouth.

And yes, I play. I also am quick to say "good shot" to an opponent who aces me on a break point or hits a winner or whatever. I'm nothing like Murray on the court. I'm capable of appreciating good tennis, even if it comes from the other side of the net.
Murray isn't the only person that does this by the way. The point you're missing is he isn't directing the the swearing at his opponent - it's towards himself or his box. If I was playing him and he did that I'd be happy and highly amused to be honest. Just because he's acting like a petulant gimp doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate his opponent's good play. I find the act of clapping an opponent's good play pretty frivolous. I rarely ever see that reaction on a critical point. Djokovic likes to do it when he is destroying his opponent and they randomly come up with a wild winner. I've seen Djokovic and other players have negative reactions to winners because they feel their shot was too short/weak and allowed their opponent to dictate. Same shit.

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