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Re: Q&A With Mark Lenders.

Originally Posted by nazzac View Post
I think that our talent should stay. The EPL offers a lot of money, yes, but that may go out of the window once FFP comes in. The Bundesliga is the league to be in, and hopefully the players will recognise that. Plus, Dortmund have got something great going on now, and could be Champions League winners, like you said. I may be bias, but they should stay imo.

I pretty much agree with your league rankings. Might have La Liga ahead in Better teams, but it's close now.

The EPL's excitement is over-rated. The title race is almost done, there is no race for 2nd, the race for fourth is no better than any other top league. Then they talk about the matches being back and fourth, and more exciting but the Bundesliga is even more back and forth (with better quality), and averages more goals a game. But then again, these people who claim that the EPL is by far the best league in the world, probs haven't watch any other league. I don't even watch the EPL anymore. Haven't watched a match in full since October, I've just been watching highlights. If the EPL was exciting as many claim, then i wouldn't be doing that

Anyway, back to tennis. What would be the result between Del Potro & Tsonga at...

Australian Open
Roland Garros
US Open
I think they should stay too. Dortmund are a real club with a great project going on. If FFP kicks in, the Bundesliga will leave the rest of Europe far behind, being the only league with virtually no debt. I doubt it will kick in seriously though.

I haven't been watching much of the Premier League this season either, only a few games here and there. Its excitement is way overrated, I fully agree. Gotta give those responsible for PL marketing their due credit though, they certainly do a great job hyping the league to unwarranted extents

Hmm in normal conditions I'd say Delpo wins everywhere, it's a bad matchup for Tsonga. In fact, Delpo is a bad matchup for other big hitters in general. Unlike Soderling or Berdych though, I think Tsonga has the right skillset to beat Delpo if he's playing really well: he has a great serve and can avoid rallies by going to the net and finishing points off. Those two often get routined because they can't avoid getting locked into power rallies with Delpo, where the latter inevitably wins. With that said, I'll give Tsonga the edge at Wimbledon where his weapons work the best, Del Potro at the other three Slams. But even at Wimbledon Tsonga really needs to be on his game to win: it's not an almost unsurmountable matchup issue like it is for Soderling for instance, but he needs to be 'on' to defeat Delpo.

Originally Posted by nazzac View Post
TBH, the big gap between the top and the rest in La Liga is that big because Barcelona (this seaosn anyway) are that good.
There's not a single team in Europe that can keep up with Barcelona (and Real Madrid - not this season's Real Madrid, but the one from the last two seasons under Mourinho) over a 38-game season imo. The best lineup in football + incredible backup make it an almost impossible task.

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