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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

Originally Posted by star View Post
Worried about your diligent reading of this thread.
I shall be more competent in the future.

Yeah Baseball and football have about 3,867 rules.

I grew up playing baseball and basketball. But I never followed baseball until I started going to professional games. Baseball is like a soap opera. You have to follow a team and know the ins and outs of the team and the little details for it to be really enjoyable -- and also baseball isn't very good on TV. You need to see the whole field at once and see how the outfielders are playing the hitter etc. I don't watch football now because I'm not a fan of violence and injuries.

Basketball is the best for just pure excitement -- especially college bb. In pro basketball the season is so long the players are just taking care of their bodies until the playoffs get close. Then there is more excitement and the playoffs are the real excitement.
I give soccer one thing: it's easy to understand. all you have to do is score a goal, which gives you A (ONE) point. It's really good for dummies.

Tennis is actually really difficult too, if you think about it. I remember being 13 and hating tennis, I would go to Coimbra during my holiday breaks, and gradpa would be watching tennis (he is a Rafa tard...) and I would get mad at him, becaue I had to put up with a sport where the score goes from 15 to 30 to 40 just cause...

But garndfather, mostly watches football and snooker. Watches less tennis now, he started watching less after Nole showed up (2008), ironically But he says the most amazing sport in the world, the most exciting is most definitively Basketball, especially NBA and american leagues with all that stuff I don't know of exchanging and buying players and stuff like that.

This is all the more reason I need to move to Portugal and especially Chaves.
I knew you would say that
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