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Re: Goodbye Big John

Originally Posted by Goldenoldie View Post
I can't answer for John, but I can understand where he was coming from, and I am guessing that Castletardism meant the same to him as it does to me.
I see it as elitism, an inner circle within MTF. Yes, anyone can join, but only if they agree with the leadership. I am not referring to the Castle's stated principles, which are admirable, but the way CD treated the Castle as his private fiefdom. Like Animal Farm, all posters are created equal, but some are more equal than others.
I agree with Mae's response to this. I know BJ didn't like the "Castle lingo" and people calling each other "general" (though it's pretty much harmless nonsense) but I really think the Castle became just another chat thread after CD was banned. So I was also confused by him leaving that in his signature.

Many of the other chat threads have their cliquish tendencies too, even if they are not explicitly stated.

Originally Posted by Goldenoldie View Post
Lest this post be regarded as sour grapes because I was not invited to the castle, I was on at least two occasions. My response was that if CD cared to demonstrate his undoubted tennis knowledge in Tennis Tipping or one of the other games, I would join the Castle. This did not happen.
wait, so you demand people play TT but you're calling others "elitist"?
What the hell? I've been here for years and I still don't even know what TT is! Not everyone has time for all these games, you know.

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