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Re: World Group 1st Round: Spain at Canada (February 1-3, 2013)

The pct of immigrants to Canada from Eastern Europe is definitely a small part now (currently majority are from east & south asia). But 15-30 years ago Eastern European immigration was more significant. It is a well known general pattern that the 1st generation of immigrants work extraordinarily hard to get ahead and invest in their kids; the second generation is the one that really starts to shine (not just in sports, but in many other areas). So for eg. our entire DC team this year may be considered to have ties to Eastern Europe, but all of them were either born here or came here at such a young age it doesn't matter; they are as "Canadian" as anyone else. What our recent success - mostly Milos - (hopefully) will do, is really help launch a tennis culture in Canada (maybe like Borg did in Sweden). But it is going to take a few years to find that out ... if Raonic fulfills his potential as a top-5 player (potential, definitely not a given yet that he'll ever get there), I can pretty well guarantee that we'll have a much deeper DC team in 5-10 years.

re: everyone in the south 5% of Canada, oh yah, I know. But when you are really a relatively small country pop wise, you need to brag about something :-). And wrt to the immigrants, yes, almost ALL of them end up in our few major cities. Which means our big metropolisis are extraordinarily multicultural & our rural areas are pretty much mono-cultural. (Ok, maybe more info than you needed or wanted -)). Go Milos!
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