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Re: Djokovic: "The same Slams as Edberg and Becker? I got shivers..."

Originally Posted by thrust View Post
He can, but doesn't do it enough to be really confident. Yet, when he is forced to, he usually does hit some great volleys. I agree that if he did volley more he could end many points sooner.
Sorry, but you can't say Djokovic can volley like Edberg and Becker.

Originally Posted by DrJules View Post
Given Ferrer is world number 4, is the current era noticably stronger than 2004-2007.

I have much respect for Ferrer, but would not expect to see him at 4.
Good point.

Originally Posted by incognito View Post
He's momentarily #4 only due to an anomaly, namely Nadal's longer-than-expected absence. Prior to that, he was #4 only a few weeks back in 2008 when the current top 4 was only beginning to distinguish itself from the rest. You could always reverse the argument by asking whether that doesn't say something about the lackluster state of the top rankings prior to the current "big 4" solidifying themselves at the top. Ferrer being a regular world #5 is OTOH a fair ranking, but it's also clear that it's due to how much he plays (ESPN commentators noted that Ferrer in 2012 was the first non-"top 4" player to end the year with the most wins, for quite a while) and how consistent he is. There are clearly players ranked below him who are much more formidable opponents at any given day (Tsonga, Berdych, del Potro, even someone like Wavrinka) but that's how the ranking system works...
Doesn't matter. If he's #4 because Nadal is serv... ooops, because he's injured, then he's still #5 if you put that guy in the picture again. Still awful.

Originally Posted by Honestly View Post
Ah, another blind tard falling into the trap of believing that 2004-2007 was a weak era just because Federer was the most dominant player in history during that time. Nice going
It was a weak era.

The problem is that today's era is even weaker...
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