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Re: And Israel is the aggressor...right.

Originally Posted by Mr. Oracle View Post
Well, if progress and cultural contributions are a measure for determining who gets the rights to inhabit and develop a tract of land
well, they aren't.

than Israel wins.
Hardly. Are you even aware of the contributions of the Arab nations to mankind? For starters, let me tell you the numbers you use are Arabic.

In fact, I would say that humanity has benefited more from the contributions of Israel, than from all of the Arab states combined.
Right. Check some history books.

Second, like China and Egypt, Israel as a nation state goes back millenia.
Same as many others

I think the palestinians will get a fair settlement if they are open to negotiations and don't insist on stuff like mass right of return which would be a demographic threat to the state of Israel.
In other words, they Palestinians will get a "fair settlement" if they just forget about the lands that were stolen from them at gunpoint and all the atrocities comitted to them by the State of Israel because otherwise they're a "demographic threat" to such a state? Do you even realize how racist and retarded that sounds?

Tough times call for tough measures.
Yup, quite common from a nationalist serbian...

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