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Re: Doping in Tennis Thread (No accusations without proof)

Originally Posted by Abel View Post
This is an interesting thread but hopefully there can less fanboys of EVERY player coming in here to try and denigrate other players or fans of other players.

Put simply: the idea that any player, however talented, could compete with other talented players that are doping is absurd. It doesn't matter how good you are, you will not be able to defeat top players that have ostensibly made superhuman (in some aspects) of the game or their fitness. Various PEDs do different things and they will not turn a player ranked #1500 into #1 but they would certainly be able to improve a player ranked, say, 10-15 in a top 6-8 player. And so on. So really if you're coming in here and trying to insult your least favourite player in the top 4 (and you're a fan of another top 4 player) then you should think long and hard about the implications of what you're saying.

Realistically either a huge majority of tennis players are on something - of varying quality, of course - or it's restricted to the very top players who via cult of personality can get away with it by way of being too valuable to the sport. Or no players are doping but that seems pretty unlikely given how lax the testing is in our sport.
This is a very sensible post. Is idiotic for one to think that your chosen top 5 hero is totally clean while another top 5 is doping to the gills. Logic would suggest otherwise, the skills of the whole top 50 are already pretty damn close, when you get to the top 10 the differences are even slimmer, to think that one player would be able to overcome another close in skill just with talent alone when they are already closely matched day in and day out is highly unlikely.

If this is the case, there is likely an ometra going on. Look at how all the top players respond similarly to the doping topic. Imagine you are a clean player looking at the lacking Tennis doping regulation, wouldn't you be all over questioning things and taking it to the to the sports regulators? Not accusing people, but just questioning in an candid way. The only time top players talk about doping is when the media directly ask them about it and at most they will do a PR exercise and go yeah, I guess we could be more tested for blood.
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