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Re: Ask the board Thread

Guys there was a big mess up in TT Sheffield and I am going to need your opinion.
I mistyped OOP and as a result posted the wrong one mixing players for tomorrow Friday Final Day 1/2 in TT.

Tennis Tipping 5b - Sheffield Congrats to lucian_iasi and sdtoot/EnriqueIG(

I have already posted the right OOP and sent by PM to all finalist (2 in singles and 4 in doubles). Two of those 6 have already replied (1 from sings and 1 from Dubs)with the right OOP but there are still 4 who have already sent their picks based on previous wrong OOP. My question is what happens if not everyone gets to read the post and send the right ones before deadline, tomorrow Friday 10:00 am GMT.
Please your opinion in this. Thank you

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