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Re: Doping in Tennis Thread (No accusations without proof)

Originally Posted by ssin View Post
this discussion is legitimate and appropriate, I can say that.

But it is known they are really all on their own out there, their world is as brutal and competitive as it gets
Obviously, but it's a class association.

Originally Posted by Time Violation View Post
Except Gulbis and maybe few others, not many players very originally filthy rich. Fed comes from normal family afaik, Djokovic is from one the poorest countries in Europe and so on. Whatever money they made, they did it fair and square, so if they want a private jet, they can get a private jet. After all, having money doesn't guarantee you anything. If you want tennis back where it was 100 years ago, it's not going to happen
Fair and square? So a Swiss kid has the same initial condition as an African kid? Please...

Originally Posted by August View Post
I think those expensive tratments are a similar moral issue as doping. Unlike doping, they aren't a health risk. But they favour the ones who have much money and, like doping, they make the sport more about fitness and less about your playing skills.

But there's a big problem when it comes to controlling the use of the egg. You can't control it like the use of doping. So it wouldn't make sense to ban the egg when you coudln't follow if somebody uses it.
We all know it has nothing to do with eggs, but with multi-million dollar treatments and medical staffs.
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