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Re: And Israel is the aggressor...right.

Originally Posted by ssin View Post
But why don't you accept the fact that Jews have a just claim to Israel (not to Serbia for example) as their fatherland? the territory may be very small but it's the land of their forefathers.
By that logic, should every nation (ethnically speaking) who once inhabited a foreign land have claims over it? Should the american indian claim the south american nations? Should the Aborigines claim Australia and NZ? Where do we stop?

Let me tell you that I saw places in Israel that were absolutely barren with nothing there before, for centuries, now turned into small paradises. Think of it what you want.
like this?

I am sorry but wiping out Israel from the map is not how I see the solution of the problem. SO if we agree that Israel has the right to exist, what happens next? How would you solve the problem?
While I think that Jews have a right to exist, Israel as a "Jewish nation" doesn't. I advocate for a one state solution with equal right for jews and palestinians. I also advocate for monetary and land reparations to the palestinians.

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