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Re: Rafachat - Vol. 80: It's comeback time baby!!! :rocker2:

Originally Posted by acionescu View Post

Hilde, don't forget the Museum of Economy too

Everyone has his little, strange, obsessions coughEconomyMuseumcough
Obviously I assume Hilde will visit the Metropolitan Museum, the Central Park, Times Square, the UN, the Statue of Liberty, plus she will walk Broadway and Madison so she will find the theaters and art galleries.

I found the New York Fed by accident walking around the financial district (The old Dutch part in Southern Manhattan) It advertised a money exhibt outside, I entered and it was wonderful

By the way, if I visited again I woulkd skip the Statue of Liberty and visit the Metro Opera instead.

Originally Posted by MariaV View Post
But have you seen Andreea, NoleGOAT is now the overwhelming favourite to win the French Open too, according to MTF experts, NID.
Hi Maria I suppose you have not changed your views about Nole's slam total. Please don't repeat though, Evita will kill me

Originally Posted by acionescu View Post
And isn't true?
I would not say "overwhelming" but, unfortunately, he is the favourite.

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