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Re: And Israel is the aggressor...right.

Originally Posted by ssin View Post
It was always spring-summer and I always stayed in the same hotel in the center of the city, the big square.

The first time was the most interesting, I was not aware that Tirana had palms in the streets and so many colors everywhere, with many people and cars intermingling, I imagine an LSD trip would look like that We are very close geographically and culturally but the scenery was quite different.

Later, I learned more about Tirana, went to places around. People are very friendly everywhere, seems that everyone speaks multiple languages, English, Italian, there were even people speaking Serbian to my amazement. Being a Serb I thought maybe I would have some problems, but NOOOO...everyone was great each time... wonderful people, what else can I say.

Very positive impressions, many youngsters who are very optimistic and open, cosmopolitan, it was hard to imagine the place was once the most isolated in Europe with such people in it.

Each time I bring home several bottles of Skënderbeu cognac. And marble bunker-shaped ashtrays, being a passionate smoker...
good to see you enjoyed your time here. You even took time to spell Skënderbeu correctly

People usually are surprised when they come here because they have created a different opinion before coming

next time you´re here drop a message. i´ll buy you a beer

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That will be the last victory of Rafa for quite some time.. With his joke mentality and pathetic game, I hope the disgusting player loses every single match next season. He's disgraceful. He should just retire. He's a joke.
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(10) Corey Feldman vs. (12) scarecrows
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