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Re: And Israel is the aggressor...right.

the world will always need to have a scapegoat, someone to blindly hate and blame their problems on. it's like when you cook something for dinner, you do everything right, follow the directions, have all the ingredients - but it still turns out tasting strange. you wonder why. but can't figure it out
it's like that with life. people will never be satisfied and to distract themselves from the holes in their lives and souls they find something to focus their attention, in a negative sense. Israel is a big example of that. a necessity to hate something and the Jews happen to be a target throughout history

It does not matter what Israel does because this will not change, only a few countries left in the world still ally with Israel. even long term ally USA is beginning to pull away, which is unfortunate in a way, because you would hope that the world would still feel some guilt about what happened in the 1940's, or maybe they think of it so little that they forget or can pretend it never happened.

of course I hear from time to time these days a random idiot claiming that the Holocaust is nothing but an exaggerated lies and it makes you wonder, we live in a world of technology, with so much information and history readily available and some people would still act so ignorant?
people never change. so in a way Israel is doomed. for obvious reasons the Middle East hates Israel for holding Jerusalem and for all that they stand for, but it is even more disturbing when the rest of the world begins to hold a blind eye. to defuse future turmoil many will likely turn against Israel at some point, sort of like children in a school yard picking off the smallest kid to focus their angst on rather than risk pressure or spotlight possibly being aimed at themselves.

I sincerely hope for Israeli's sake that they truly are Gods 'chosen people', because otherwise without that protection the future could be abysmal. a world full of abysmal people with abymsal hate and people get so wrapped up in their every day lives that they forget what happened half a century ago.
sort of depressing me thinking about the world and Israel, for all the moral lecturing and open information these days, people never learn, so many blame a defensive nation.
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