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Originally Posted by Time Violation View Post
Damn, that does sound awesome in a way
Yeah, I suppose. They're still tennis courts even if there's only 2 of them.
1. Does your family live there a long time (i.e. for decades) or you moved in from somewhere?
2. What would you say is the best thing about living there? And what's the worst?
3. Do you plan to move inland in the future?
4. You favorite Scottish people (either living or historic)?
1. We've lived here a LONG time.
2. Best thing?? Not sure, lots of open space to move about I guess. Worst thing?? We get horrible weather quite a lot. Also, it can get a little too quiet up here.
3. I plan on going to the mainland, yes. Not 100% sure though.
4. Famous people, I suppose? Andy Murray of course!! Historically, William Wallace is a beast!
Originally Posted by Saberq View Post
1.Do you feel bad that Murray lost AO final?
2.What do you expect from him going forward this year in particular?
3.Do you think tennis misses Rafa?
4.Are you a good student?
5.Why do you drink before you post?
1. Was disappointed but no, not at all. It's still a final and he gained points.
2. Some masters wins, defending his US Open title and maybe Wimbledon too. Don't expect much on clay. Perhaps a final somewhere.
3. No. Only Nadaltards miss him.
4. Yes.
5. I've never posted on here after drinking.
Originally Posted by GOATsol View Post
hi sapeod

mugray lost
Who's Mugray?

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TITLES: 45 and counting...
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