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Re: And Israel is the aggressor...right.

Although the one-state option is sometimes dismissed as utopian, it overcomes major obstacles bedeviling the two-state solution. Borders need not be drawn, Jerusalem would remain undivided and Jewish settlers could stay in the West Bank. Moreover, a single state could better accommodate the return of Palestinian refugees. A state based on principles of equality and inclusion would be more morally compelling than two states based on narrow ethnic nationalism. Furthermore, it would be more consistent with antidiscrimination provisions of international law. Israelis would enjoy the international acceptance that has long eluded them and the associated benefits of friendship, commerce and travel in the Arab world.
This is an outright utopia, and anyone who has ever visited Israel should know this.

I personally don't like the fact, and I don't believe in separation exclusively, but I do believe that some conflicts can only end through separation and that this is one of such conflicts.

The Israelis will probably have to trade the land they occupied (how much land remains to be seen through negotiations) for their long-term security, stable borders will be drawn, refugees will return to their respective defined territories and that's the only peaceful solution that I can see right now.

Many people actually neglect the fact that in many ways Israel as a Jewish state also still fights for its very right to exist. Call me what you want but I believe Jews have the right to their national state called Israel.

Israel is and will be a secular democracy. IMO, it is still a preferred type of government. The rest of the region is not quite compatible with the concept and is not likely to be in foreseeable future, except maybe Lebanon. Israelis have created an oasis in the desert by themselves,you have to see it to believe, they are a proud and diligent nation and no wonder they want to protect what they have created.

As someone said, If Serbia could manage a society with 20% of Albanians in its borders, Kosovo would not be separated right now. But in the long run, Serbs and Albanians will live more peacefully now when they are formally separated. In 10 years it will look much better than it is at the moment. That's why borders are important, so that people can feel safe and start building relations as free people without being oppressed in any way. When people are free from oppression, in the spirit and the letter, only then they can start the process of rendering borders more and more irrelevant. So first, agreed borders should be drawn, Palestina should become a rightful nation, member of UN family. That would probably mean resettlement of some people in Israel and Palestina, but unfortunately that is the initial price that must be paid to achieve durable peace there, imo.

Palestinians have suffered too much, but if they choose to stick to Hamas, what to expect in the future? I think that both sides must choose responsible leaders if they all truly want peace. I am astonished by the disregard of Palestinian lives both by Israel but also by the Palestinian leaders themselves. That's irresponsible to their own people, not to mention children who are so often shamelessly used in propaganda wars.

Jerusalem should be proclaimed a condominium between Israel and Palestine imo, demilitarized and with permanent international presence.
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