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Re: Poll: How do I get a girlfriend?

Originally Posted by 2003 View Post
Certainly as far as men go we did deal the short straw in life where issues of custody, abortion and so on are concerned. Fathers rights is a big issue all around the world.

But, could it be any different way? Would any other way work? Thats the question.
Of course there is a way if you put your mind to it. The most vulnerable are supposed to be protected and men in terms of parental rights are not given this protection and are many times exploited. But the only change will happen is from the action of men who refuse to enter into marriages and refuse to have children with women. With the already low fertility rate in the West, men actively opting out of such things will lead to the rate plummeting to the point where the population will have to depend on immigration. In fact this has already started happening in Sweden and Japan where a large number of men are starting to realise the gynojudicial system and don't just don't give a shit about women.

Some and increasing number of men in Sweden have started to marry Thai women, feminists are trying to push for a law that limits the number of Thai women that can come into Sweden.

Just says it all...

Some things in life just aren't fair, men get it easier in some ways, women in others. I think I did a whole thread about that actually.
Aha, but that's the problem. People actually give a shit about the things in which women are disadvantaged. In the things men are, no one gives a single shit. This has to change.

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